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ICT projects with impact – that’s what we stand for at the Nalta Group. Our group consists of five labels and operates in a variety of social domains worldwide. If you want to market an ICT-related product or service, and are looking for the expertise and support to do this successfully, the Nalta Group is here to help you bring your idea to fruition, both in terms of technology and marketing. And you can also reach out to us with IT issues that call for an overall view. Our labels will provide the combination of advice, expertise and solutions that’s perfect for you.

We have a track record that goes back more than 15 years and have been working for years with partners such as Dell. Our five labels enable us to approach IT issues from both the infrastructural and software angles:

  • OptiSpeech: web-based subtitling solutions
  • Datumprikker/Weekcal: the market leader in group meeting planning
  • Filterworks: e-mail intelligence
  • Webbeat: online softwareontwikkeling
  • Nalta Consultancy: service, solutions and expertise for ICT projects

The optimum match between software, hardware and the cloud
In our view, a product or solution can only be called successful if it’s scalable and has been used successfully time after time. There’s often a solution out there but implementing it successfully is all in the detail. Our unique combination of skills and know-how allows us the overview needed for the optimum match between software, hardware and the cloud. Because we have all of this expertise in house, we can set up ICT projects faster and more efficiently, leading to clear processes and solid results.

Examples of our work
eCaption – a product of Optispeech – is the first software solution that enables you to subtitle programs fully automatically via a web-based, pay-as-you-go system. We have also developed into an application that is used millions of times a year. For Post NL, we developed the international track & trace portal, linking together the systems of many different parties for parcel shipment. And for 5by2, we developed software for fully automatic parking garages with full browser-based visualization.

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80% of the information in the world is communicated through the spoken word. At Optispeech, we think that everyone should have access to this. We offer solutions that make subtitling faster, easier and cheaper. eCaption, our subtitling software, is the first web-based, pay-as-you-go solution for subtitling programs automatically. We now sell eCaption worldwide. And we can also index audio and video.

eCaption is easy to use, lightning fast and can be used at any time, anywhere in the world. The application is fully cloud-based and can be accessed via a web browser. eCaption provides all the tools needed to subtitle programs: subtitling, timing and editing. But the solution also ensures efficient workflow, with a scheduling module and statistics. has been making it easy for Dutch people to meet each other for the last 15 years, and has so far enabled 6.5 million appointments. This online volume SaaS service for the cloud, Android and iOS was developed in the Nalta Group and is now an independent label, together with the globally used Week Calendar app. is market leader in the Netherlands for group meeting planning. And with Week Calendar, we now operate worldwide, with millions of active users every day. These online services represent exactly what the Nalta Group stands for – applications with impact that are simple to use, scalable and can be used successfully time and time again, independent of place and time.


More and more critical information is communicated digitally. Serious organizations can no longer risk an e-mail being deleted accidentally. Filterworks provides e-mail intelligence that gives you unlimited access to all of your recent and old e-mails, irrespective of the device or platform that you work with, without restrictions on storage and speed, and even in combination with the cloud. And it enables you to easily comply with regulations and compliance requirements.

You can search on Internet or smartphone just as simply as with large Internet search engines – wherever and whenever you want. We call this ‘digital sustainability’. As a Dutch company, Filterworks is the market leader for e-mail intelligence in the Netherlands. The advantage of this is that we are very familiar with the Dutch laws and regulations. Moreover, we have a background in audit & risk management at accountancy firms and we are specialists in security and compliance.


Webbeat develops apps, responsive websites and online platforms. We have a passion for creating online services. That doesn’t mean that we just focus on delivering specifications – one of Webbeat’s strengths is our ability to cope with complex challenges in which the solution is not immediately obvious. We collaborate closely, based on your strategy and the user. We work with our customers on successful products in often long-term partnerships. And the measure of our success is the degree to which the end user can work with the product comfortably and successfully.

We work on major orders with a closely knit team, which makes us flexible, directly engaged and quick to adapt. Our software developers have all the specialisms needed to build online applications and apps, in which we constantly search for the best combination of tools and technologies. The keywords here are APIs, .NET, databases, architecture, front-end and interfaces. We work for very diverse sectors, from medical to financial, with the same basic principles common to all: scalability, security and efficient workflow.

Nalta Consultancy

Nalta Consultancy provides service and expertise for ICT projects ranging from inventorying and design to migration or management. You might call us curious or obstinate but the first thing we do with a new customer is always to ask questions. A lot of questions. We take a careful look at your current situation, identify the weak spots and make firm, practical proposals for improvement. Because this is the only way to provide services and solutions that match your business and your objectives. We work closely with you on every step of the project. In short, this is ICT with the accent on partnership.

We have years of experience with complex IT infrastructures. The common thread is our flexibility, performance and securing sensitive information. Our employees are certified and have in-depth knowledge of project management, system and network management, migrations, virtualisation software, operating systems, back-up software, security, storage and disaster recovery. In close collaboration with partners such as Dell, we bridge the gap between IT and your business.

The Nalta Group partners

The Nalta Group has three partners: Mike Veldhuis, Ralph Biesbrouck and Geert Merkelbach. All three are passionate entrepreneurs and experts in business development, with 20 years’ experience of IT. Moreover, each has his own speciality in the Nalta Group. Mike is responsible for marketing & sales, Ralph for the business strategy and Geert for the software portfolio.

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Mike Veldhuis

Mike Veldhuis is a practically minded, creative problem solver, who’s at his best when confronted with a major challenge. He has a talent for turning complicated issues into clear projects. As a partner at the Nalta Group, he focuses on marketing & sales. In this, he’s driven by two passions: IT and innovative entrepreneurship. He firmly believes that, although IT is a technical field, to develop the best solutions you have to look at the business side of every issue.

His colleagues regard Mike as the key figure. He’s a born team player and believes in close co-operation with employees and customers. He’s not one to blindly embrace the latest hype or trend. In his view, flexibility is essential in the IT world. A world in which change is an absolute constant.

With a background in business economics, Mike started his career in the early nineties as an IT consultant. He founded Nalta with Ralph Biesbrouck.

Feel free to contact Mike.


Ralph Biesbrouck

Ralph Biesbrouck is a director and inspirer. As a partner in the Nalta Group, he’s responsible for the business strategy. It’s always a strategy in which he keeps the higher objectives in view - objectives that he defines clearly and are almost always achieved. Ralph oversees the teams at the Nalta Group and ensures that they take action at the right time. Central to this is monitoring customers’ business interests. For Ralph, customer value creation must be tangible. ‘Raising the customer’s productivity by 30 per cent’ is an example.

Customers and business contacts value Ralph for his focus, devotion and reliability. He says what he does and does what he says. What’s more, he speaks his mind and is able to make complex decisions. After graduating, Ralph started his career at IBM and then worked as a business manager at Manpower. He founded Nalta with Mike Veldhuis.

Feel free to contact Ralph.


Geert Merkelbach

Geert Merkelbach is an online entrepreneur and functionalist. As a partner at the Nalta Group, he is responsible for the software portfolio. He ensures that the company has the best technology available. His background as a software developer and his extensive experience in the Internet world give him the expertise to translate the customers’ business needs into online solutions – from the idea to a successful product.

Geert is in his element in unknown territory. What drives him as an entrepreneur is his passion for creating something new. He loves complex challenges that call for innovative, efficient solutions. He regards this development program as a voyage of discovery to be shared with colleagues and customers. And the final destination is an application that proves to be successful time and time again.

Geert started his career in the mid-nineties as a web developer for an Internet start-up in the US. He then worked as a web consultant for CMG and KPN. He founded Webbeat in 2000, which entered into a partnership with the Nalta Group in 2007.

Feel free to contact Geert.

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